A Dedicated Family

We’ve been creating delicious food for generations.

About El Chingon

At El Chingon, a big part of what we are creating is a family atmosphere.  Couple that with fresh flavors hand crafted by Chefs David Lopez and Gloria Nuñez, and you have our agenda.  The mantra of El Chingon is fresh. We believe in quality.  From the best available ingredients to finding that perfect tequila for a cocktail, we believe that if you start with something fresh and whole, you end up with a better product.   Our Secret? Its simple….we care about everything we do.

The mentality we are attempting to cultivate at El Chingon is one of thoughtfulness.  Food that is crafted with a purpose.  People that are warm and welcoming because well: that’s just how we do it. We are a small group with a big heart, and the newest addition to Tennyson Street. Our Family at El Chingon strives to create that home away from home, and everyone is invited.


The Product matters, Local, Natural and Sustainable

At El Chingon we are proud to serve quality products. We do what we can to source products from right here in Colorful Colorado. All of the pork that we serve is locally butchered, grassfed and hormone free. We use free-range chicken. Alongside much of our local food product you will find beers from Durango, Denver and Boulder as well as spirits and wine from right here in our great state.

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Chef David

Chef David Lopez, Executive Chef of El Chingon is a classically trained chef that studied in Avignon, France. Chef David serves to keep his Abuelita’s traditions alive with modern culinary technique and execution. The food we serve is the same food you may find on any street in Mexico City. He strives to keep the salsas, recipes and ingredients as close to traditional as possible.

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Gloria Nunez

  Gloria is originally from Mexico City.  Being the mother of 7, she understands the art of cooking.  This has always been a passion of hers and ultimately wanted to have a restaurant to showcase the cultural beauty of Mexican food.  The dish that has become synonymous with Gloria is her Chile Rellenos.  A recipe she learned from her mother and has been in the Nunez family for over a century. 

Her desire to deliver authentic recipes and to work with her grand-son, Chef David Lopez, is one of her most prideful joys in life.  She is always asked what her secret is when delivering delicious flavors and her response…..”I bless everything before it is prepared and I ask that I have enough to provide for everyone who comes in our door.”  Simplicity, passion, care and love are her core values when cooking. 

All who have come to know her affectionately call her “Abuelita”, which brings her much joy.  She refers to everyone as her grand-children.  When you see her, there is never a time where you don’t receive a hug and kiss.  This is what makes her everyday special. 

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Valentina Panic

Born in Serbia, Valentina studied hospitality and the art of bartending.  During her studies, she participated in an exchange program that introduced her to the U.S.  Upon completion of her studies, she worked in various locations in Serbia while developing her skills as a bartender. 

Due to her strong passion for hospitality, she accepted a position with Hyatt Hotels in the U.S.  In 2013, she decided to move to Denver, CO and accepted a position with El Chingon.  She started as a bartender and quickly proved herself to be a valuable part of the Chingon family and moved into the bartending manager role.  Currently also taking on the additional responsibilities of General Manager. 

She is excited about the opportunities that await her as the El Chingon brand grows.